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Arte Diem Calabria

"Arte Diem Calabria" emerged on the scene in 2022 in the heart of Calabria. We're not your typical organization; we're a group of thinkers, dreamers, and doers committed to introducing fresh ideas for positive change through creativity and informal education.

Having been deeply involved as participants, group leaders, and volunteers in various associations, including the Erasmus+ program, we've gathered a wealth of experiences. Now, we're harnessing that knowledge to initiate our own projects, aiming for tangible results among the youth and a heightened awareness of crucial societal issues.


🌐 Promoting Active European Citizenship: Our focus is on nurturing a sense of active European citizenship among the youth.

🤝 Advocates of Solidarity and Tolerance: We're advocates for solidarity and tolerance, weaving connections between diverse cultures to fortify social cohesion and counteract discrimination and radicalism. Key issues include human rights, equality, and the celebration of cultural diversity.

🌍 Bridging Gaps through International Mobility: We're all about building bridges of understanding between locals and youth from various countries, facilitated by international mobility programs.

🌱 Fostering Holistic Development: Beyond projects, we're dedicated to fueling the personal, social, and professional development of young individuals. We aim to cultivate their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and self-confidence.

🤝 Sharing, Learning, and Growing Together: We champion cooperation, sharing experiences, and promoting best practices in the realms of youth and non-formal education. Think of cultural moments and practical workshops.

🚀 Opportunities for All: Our doors are open to the unemployed, disabled, elderly, and those feeling excluded. We're creating conditions for active involvement in social, economic, and cultural life.

🌿 Advocates for Sustainable Living: We're spreading awareness about sustainable living, emphasizing the importance of changing personal lifestyles to preserve our planet. Let's inspire actions, both small and large.


Arte Diem Calabria isn't just an organization; it's a community of change-makers. Join us on this journey where thoughtful initiatives, education, and genuine concern converge to shape a more connected and resilient future for all.



Explore, Learn, Unjudge!

At Arte Diem Calabria, our participation within the Erasmus+ Programme framework opens doors for Italian youth to engage in international mobility projects. These experiences are transformative, offering participants the chance to develop a diverse skill set, boost confidence, and unearth their full potential. Our projects focus on promoting European values in an intercultural setting, emphasizing creativity and freedom of expression.

As "Arte Diem Calabria," we've actively participated in 2 projects hosted in our home region of Calabria. Additionally, we've partnered on 3 projects, 2 in Spain and 1 in Poland. While these initiatives have marked the beginning of our journey, we eagerly anticipate creating more opportunities shortly.



Volunteering, Workshops, Training

Hey there! At Arte Diem Calabria, we're not just about Erasmus adventures—we're all about making our hometown, Girifalco, shine even brighter. 🌟 We're big believers in giving back and rolling up our sleeves to make a positive difference right where we live.
Now, let's talk about the real magic—our local initiatives. We cook up educational workshops and cool events tailor-made for the awesome young folks right here in Girifalco. We're especially keen on reaching out to those who might need a little extra support, like NEET individuals, youngsters with migrant backgrounds, or anyone facing economic bumps in the road.



ART 🎨 A Master key to Personal Growth and Community Transformation 🌱

At Arte Diem Calabria, we're all about achieving European Union goals in diverse and engaging ways. 🌐✨ We firmly believe that embracing non-formal methods, especially through the playful and captivating world of art, is not just effective but also the most enjoyable path to personal and societal growth. 🎭🤝

In our vision, art becomes a vibrant medium that not only imparts essential skills and knowledge but also sparks joy, creativity, and a sense of community. Through non-formal approaches, we aim to contribute to EU objectives such as promoting education, youth, and sports, while simultaneously fostering social inclusion and bolstering employability. 🎨🌟

So, let's embrace the fun and engaging journey of non-formal art methods as we work together to create a brighter future for European youth and beyond! 🚀🌈

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