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🇮🇹 "Discover You-THrough Art" - 10-18.10.2023, Marina Davoli (CZ), Calabria, Italy

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

"Discover You Through Art" is a transformative project that encourages self-exploration and creative expression. It unites 42 participants from six countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, aged 18 to 25, in a cross-cultural journey of self-discovery through art.

This project utilizes various forms of art to explore emotions, and inner worlds, and promote balance and unity. It calls for unlocking hidden potential and encourages personal growth through artistic expression. Participants have access to resources, exercises, and insights from artists who have used their craft for introspection. The project aims to celebrate individuality, enhance self-awareness, and reveal the transformative power of art.

The main goal of this project was to foster personal growth and enhance participants' soft skills through collaborative artistic activities. By engaging in these activities, the young participants could explore and expand their self-awareness, push their boundaries, develop social skills, and identify their preferences and strengths. This project promoted intercultural understanding, empathy, and teamwork, ultimately contributing to the personal and professional development of its participants.

💗Our project together! 🚀

On our first day, our focus was on building connections and gaining a deeper understanding of one another's personalities. We engaged in a variety of activities and games designed to promote openness within the group and encourage the sharing of our life priorities as well as our perspectives on this project. We took the time to discuss our hopes, expectations, and fears, creating a space for transparent communication and setting the stage for our collective journey.

To help us express ourselves through art, we participated in multiple tasks and games during the project. One of the games was based on creating our self-portrait and merging it with the animal that we feel most connected to.

🌈Team Building? Team Painting!🤝🖌️🫂

Another painting task focused on learning how to work in international groups and compromise with each other on certain concepts. Each group was given one theme to paint on a huge canvas. The teams were as follows: Happiness, Self-Love, Personal Success, Spirituality, Creativity, and Motivation. As each group poured their emotions and perspectives into their paintings, they not only explored these themes but also shared their interpretations with others, fostering dialogue and connection. This painting activity invited participants to unlock their creativity and explore the depths of these abstract concepts.

😱🖼️ Art Gallery 🙏

🎨 Watercolours - "The River of Life" 🏞️🌱

Painting our river of life was an emotional experience that helped capture our journey on canvas. Just as a river flows, twists, and turns through valleys and over obstacles, our lives meander through experiences, challenges, and joys. With each layer of colour and texture, we revealed the ever-changing landscape of our personal journey, creating a vivid portrayal of the flow of our lives.

🪬Creative Mandala by Anna Rose Heath

Another creative experience was a group Mandala drawing facilitated by Anna Rose Heath, a British artist living for a few years in Girifalco. The process began with a blank canvas at the centre, and each of us took turns adding our unique elements, shapes, colors, and patterns to the mandala. The project unfolded organically as individuals expressed themselves artistically, often without strict guidelines, allowing their creativity to flow freely. This project not only resulted in a stunning work of art but also created a sense of connection, cooperation, and shared creativity among us. The finished Mandala serves as a reminder of the collective effort, a visual masterpiece born from the contributions of many hands and hearts.

👩🏽‍🎨Meeting with Local Artist - Maria Assunta Frustagli

During our project, we had the privilege of meeting Maria Assunta Frustagli, a woman whose life has been transformed by art. Despite facing physical challenges, she shared her inspiring journey of discovering her creative potential through artistic expression.

Assunta recounted how a simple gift from Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini—a helmet—unlocked her ability to write, reflect, and create. Through poetry and drawings, she found joy, purpose, and a way to contribute to the world.

Her story became a powerful reminder of the therapeutic nature of art, showcasing its ability to empower individuals and provide a deeper appreciation for life. In that shared moment, our group witnessed the universal language of art, transcending barriers and revealing the inherent worth within us all.

📷 Photo Art Gallery 🎞️

Another way of expressing ourselves through art was photography, which allowed us to capture our vision of beauty and nature. We had time to explore the village we were staying at and let our creativity flow. We were given different categories so that we could present the beauty of the village from different perspectives. What we appreciated the most was the fact that we were provided with some tips in terms of taking more professional photos.

👀Take your Time...Have a look⏳

🫖Pottery and Evaluation 💕🪅

Towards the end of the project, we had an opportunity to create sculptures representing the symbols of Calabria. It was a fun and relaxing activity that further connected us as a group.

🎭 Intercultural Nights 🌘

The best part of these Erasmus+ projects is probably the intercultural nights where each country can showcase their traditional culture, cuisine, and dances. This is an opportunity to find commonalities between us, as well as broaden our horizons. Apart from the learning value of the experience, we also had so much fun and laughed together.

🔎📜 Treasure Hunt🧭

This memorable bonding experience involved an exciting treasure hunt activity. Each of us was allowed to work in groups, get to know the local people in Soverato, and find out about their traditional food and culture. It was a fun and unique experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

🚌🗺️ Cultural Visit to Tropea & Pizzo 🌅🍨

One of the most memorable experiences was our trip to Tropea and Pizzo, which are famous for their beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. We all had time to explore the town on our own and try delicious gelato ice cream. To fully enjoy the trip, we were given recommendations for the best places. We had a small task to capture the trip in our lenses and create a collage representing the best of the day.

🖼️♾️🎨 Photo Collage Artwork

🎬 Video Project! 🎞️

🎥 Playlist IG Reels/ Tik-Tok/ YT Shorts! 📲

📓Booklet 🖌️🦋🧿

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